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Viable Map Facilitation

Get help using the Viable Map in your organisation.

About the Viable Map

In Beyond Budgeting we believe that the traditional management model based on annual budgeting and a 'top-down' culture has had its day. But we also know that there is no 'one size fits all' replacement for it.

Instead you have to build one that is a good fit for your organisation - your market, your people and your culture - using the 12 Beyond Budgeting principles as a guide.

The Viable Map Workbook describes an exciting new approach which:

  • describes the Beyond Budgeting approach and helps you to
  • discuss your existing management model
  • diagnose problems with it, and
  • design a better one

Facilitation Support

The Viable Map Workbook helps to demystify Beyond Budgeting and to help its implementation.

But it's real power is that it can be used in a group context to help a team create a collective sense of the challenges they face and how best to tackle them.

With experience most practitioners will be able to use the Viable Map to facilitate their own workshops but to start off with we offer expert support to help teams get started and to scale up their initiative.

This service is delivered 'on site' and is ideal for co-located teams and those who want to gain a deeper understanding, particularly if they are engaged in designing a new management model.

For mapping and diagnostic purposes, particularly if groups are geographically dispersed take a look at our on-line diagnostic workshop here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is support provided on line or in person?

Viable Map workshops can be run online but work best on site and face to face, particularly if you need to explore complex or technical issues with larger groups.

What form do Viable Mapping workshops take?

Normally an experienced facilitator will explain how the Viable Map methodology works, facilitate discussions and be on hand to deal with technical questions.

With experience internal facilitators will be able to assume most of these roles.

How much will it cost?

This depends on the scale and nature of the engagement, but will typically be in the order of £3,000 a day before expenses.

'Explorer' members get a 10% discount on this product and 'Implementer' members 25%.

What benefits do Beyond Budgeting members get?

Beyond Budgeting members enjoy a 30% discount on the normal rate for masterclasses.