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Beyond Budgeting Advisory

Use Beyond Budgeting experts to guide you through your change process

About Beyond Budgeting Advisory Services

Beyond Budgeting is the product of a knowledge sharing community but there may be times when organisations need more focussed and dedicated support on their journey.

Beyond Budgeting Advisory Services is led by experienced Beyond Budgeting consultants who can call on subject matter experts to help you tackle any kind of challenge that you encounter on your journey.

Rikard Olsson talks about the BB Advisory philosophy

In Beyond Budgeting we passionately believe that the best and most sustainable change comes when organisations have deep understanding of what they are doing and why and strong ownership of the results.

In practice this means that organisations have to 'do it' themselves - it cannot be delegated to consultants.

But we also recognise that going beyond traditional budgeting is a journey into foreign land and that most organisations will benefit from having a good guide who is familiar with the territory and can help them to deal with specific challenges.

And one of our learnings is that, while every successful implementation is unique there are some common traps that organisations who 'go it alone' often fall into that we can help you avoid.

Our aim is to provide this support and to help you to build the internal competence so that, in time, you do not need us anymore.

Our hope is that you will stay connected with our community to refresh and deepen your knowledge and to share your experiences with others.

Why us?

We are able to draw upon decades of experience of learning from and working with companies who had trod this path before and as a network we have unrivalled access to subject matter experts and consulting partners who have deep experience and knowledge in this area.

Talk to us...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Our aim is to give you the support you need...and no more! So our support package and its cost will be tailored to your needs and (dare we use the word) budgets. But we are not a consulting business, and we don't have the overheads of one, so our fees will be modest compared with what you might be used to.

We are a major multinational. How can BB Advisory help us?

Because we are focussed tightly on sharing our expertise we do not field large teams of consultants. So for large companies we would normally work with internal teams who we train and educate (our preferred option) or with other consultants.

However, for a change of this sort we normally recommend starting with one or two pilots and use these to learn and spread the knowledge. Typically this is much more successful than large 'top down ' change projects.

Do we need to be members to use Beyond Budgeting Advisory?

It is not obligatory but it is highly recommended since it provides you with the ability to deepen your knowledge and to share your experiences with peers.